Norway here I come!

Tomorrow starts my long summer trip. I want to hike across Scandinavia, mainly Norway but also parts of Sweden and northern Finland. At the beginning of October I will be back, but in between I will walk from winter to spring to summer to autumn and probably back to winter. Although people might think that Scandinavia is not very "wild" I am sure to find plenty of wilderness and challenges as well....
Have a nice summer!


Greater Patagonian Trail 6 Laguna del Maule- Lago Dial

After half an hour walking I cross the tarmac road, leading to Argentina. At this early morning hour there is no traffic. I quickly cross the road and continue on the other side. A herd of cattle gives way, causing a huge dust cloud.

                                                                           Dust cloud



Greater Patagonian Trail 4 Siete Tazas- Rio Colorado

After a cold shower I walk back to the Pizzeria, which opens just for me and where I am treated to an omelette. On TV I get to know that big forest fires are devastating Central Chile. I can only hope, that this won't have an effect on my hike...